Personally, one of the most important things in my life is adventure, because without that, my series of works, this one in particular, would not have been produced. With every adventure, there is a story behind it, and like the photos, I cherish the stories as well. One Sunday while I was walking, I stumbled upon what seemed to be an ordinary Catholic Church rectory, and decided to go in. I knew right from the moment I walked in, that I wanted to document this sanctuary. There was an old charm, beauty, and peaceful environment, that I wanted to capture within my photographs. After going around the corner of the rectory to the church, Church of the Crucifixion, I went in to ask permission to photograph the space. There was a mass going on at the moment, so my initial thought was to leave and come back afterwards. However, an attendee came out concerned and asked me if everything was okay, to which I replied that everything was fine, I just wanted to ask the priest's permission to photograph the space. He invited me in to join the mass, and within 20 minutes I had the Eucharist and met a small, loving, community. After talking with the priest, having a tour, and learning the history behind the church, I began photographing that day, which led to numerous visits afterwards, and a relationship within the community. This series of work is not based upon religion necessarily, rather, old charm and community. Church of the Crucifixion led to an exploration of various religions and their sanctuaries.